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REGAL Services is a full service, professional company that specializes in residential and small commercial properties up to 61/2 million square feet. We are here to help with the sometimes stressful purchase or transition of your new home or commercial space.

Home & Commercial Inspection Services

  • Knowledge is power for Buyers, Sellers, and Investors in a Real Estate
    transaction. With over 19 inspection services for the home,
    Regal Services can help you learn valuable information that will save
    you thousands of dollars and provide you with a more stress free
    decision making process.
  • Regal Services keeps your bottom line intact by providing
    Commercial due diligence inspections to ASTM Standards as a
    condition of sale, or for a number of other purposes such as a
    building lease, annual maintenance and reserve studies, or
    as a prerequisite for insurance purposes.

Eco-environmental concerns

  • Energy Audits for efficiency and cost saving recommendations employing
    computerized Blower Door and Thermal Imaging technology
  • Neighborhood Environmental Report for the home owner, buyer, and seller
  • Commercial Phase I due diligence Environmental Reporting

Indoor Environment

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring for Asthma and Allergy sufferers
  • Radon, a radioactive gas that kills at least 21,000 people each year
  • Mold sampling and analysis

Regal Times

Our very own monthly online magazine

  • Published specifically for homeowners like you
  • Informative, entertaining, insightful
  • Learn home maintenance tips, decorating ideas, and more
  • Includes sponsors of high quality services and products
  • Best of all, it's absolutely FREE
  • Enjoy!

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REGAL Services invites you to accompany our licensed inspector during the inspection. The inspector will answer any questions you may have and explain the routine maintenance necessary to keep your property in good condition.

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